Metallica is an American heavy metal band formed in October 1981. With over 100 million albums sold worldwide, they are the most commercially successful heavy metal act in history. They are also the seventh biggest act in America. After building a following through its role in the development of heavy metal in the 1980s, the band broadened its audience in the early1990s .Accordingly ,the band stood as the most commercially visible example of the metal genre for most of that decade. However, with vastly increased commercial success came stylistic changes that arguably abandoned their classic thrash metal roots and fostered accusations of "selling out" by some long-time fans. Many also feel that Metallica's 1999-2001 stances against Internet file sharing deeply damaged their reputation. In spite of this, the band have continued to be tremendously commercially successful. In 2003 Metallica released their 8th studio album, entitled St. Anger, a collection of the most aggressive music they had written in a decade, to deeply divided critical reviews and comparatively mediocre sales figures, though their 2004 "Madly In Anger With The World" tour in support of the album remained very successful. Metallica's next album, Death Magnetic, was releasedonSeptember12th, 2008, to somepositive feedback.While few would say that Death Magnetic single handedly brought Metallica back to their thrash metal origins, many would agree that the album combined elements of their newer releases with cues from their classic albums. Unfortunately, the album was marred by poor production; how ironic that their "comeback" album is best appreciated via digitally pirating rips from the better sounding Guitar Hero audio tracks.